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Snail Control

I have been fighting the algae problem.  The idea about using plants to
out compete the algae for nutrients seems good, but i think it may work
the othewr way too.  At one time I had some snails that did a wonderful
job of cleaning up the algae.  Then as you may of guessed, the snails
multiplied beyond their useful limit, but the plants were growing like
crazy.  My LFS sold me a fish called a "Headstander" which I have
Identified as Leporinus Multifasciatus.  The fish ate the thousands of
snails in a mere few days.  Now the algae is back and the plants are
suffering.  Is there any way to find a happy balance of snail control?
The Headstander also eats all the new shoots off the plants.  So, is
there any way this problem can be "nipped in the bud"?