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Jason Miller wrote:
Also there is a new algae growing in my tank.  It looks like green 

Hi Jason,

Algae, you say...Now, I can help there. You say it looks like roots, 
does it resemble a green vein, brachiated so it grows like a oak 
tree limb. If that's it, then I've had it. It's called filamentous (sp?) or 
thread algae. Some folks call it staghorn, I believe. I call it other 
names <g>. It grew all in my java moss nearer to the surface than 
the bottom, so I think it digs light. I mean it GREW, everyday I 
would pull up a stool and sit with my hemos and pick half a handful 
out. I found that was the best way. After a month or so of that, I 
found a single SAE and some Otts, and threw 'em in. I also found 
out my PO4 was ~0.5ppm, and my NO3 was ~25ppm. I started 
doing more water changes (25% a week vs. two weeks), and 
bought some Phosguard by Seachem. Finally, it went away, and I 
haven't seen any since (nearly a year). 
You said your plants were booming, so I would guess there's 
plenty of PO4 and NO3, and that's probably part of the problem, if 
not all. I've since quit with the Phosguard and everything stays 
pretty much near 0ppm (NO3 and PO4). 
Just stay on top of it. Thread algae won't wait until you're ready to 
do maintenance, miss one day and it piles up on you. Good luck.