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Re: Green water

>Date: Tue, 2 Nov 1999 14:17:34 -0800 (PST)
>From: Bob Delon <plantkeeper at yahoo_com>
>Subject: Green Water

>Valisneria,Echinodorus blecheri,Echinodorus rubia
>Echinodorus rose,Cobomba,Alternatera reneci
>Two Angel fish,6 Red fin tetra
>How long set up?
>About 4 month

Bob, I'm sure lots of folks will tell you the same stuff but sometimes we
think that and then no one replies so here goes:

Sounds like you haven't done anything wrong except start with the wrong
kinds of plants and fish. Not that there's anything wrong with your plants
and fish but to start out a planted tank it is best to use many fast
growing stem plants and put in only alage eating critters (SAE, Otos,
ramshorn snails). Newly set up tanks are almost always unstable and one has
to be patient and wait to plant the slower growing plants and other kinds
of fish. Hey... I learned this myself (for definite sure) this year when I
decided to skip doing this and go for sword plants right away... algae farm
city! They are all growing well now and no algae but it took quite awhile.

>I disconnected CO2 and turned off light for a day
>(donít know the result yet)I am wondering if it will
>affect plants if I wonít turn it on another four days.
>One guy recommended to add potassium but i donít know
>where to get it. Thanks in advance for any

As I said before, first thing is don't worry about it. It is harmless and
*will* go away. When this happened to me (when I set up my main tank
several years ago) I left everything as is and did water changes. After a
couple of weeks the green water went away. I personally think that is
better than trying lots of complicated stuff. Add as many fast growing stem
plants as you can... Hygrophilia, rotala, Ambulia and floating plants are
excellent at soaking up excess nutrients. Where do you live? I have lots of
Salvinia that needs a home. If you can get some of that definitely add
it... Water Sprite too.

 Beware of that stuff that one adds to water to "clump" the algae and
filter it... it can clog up fishes gills. And hey... maybe you can sell
some green water to daphnea growers! ;>

Oh yeah... one more thing, what's in your substrate?

in Vancouver