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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1366

>Could you comment on the *spectrum* of the lights ? Did you see any 
>correlation between the red color and the type of light bulb ?
>- -Ivo Busko
> Baltimore, MD

First, there are exceptions to every rule and each plant has it's own
requirements. Examples:
Ludwigia granulosus did poor in FL's and yet did great under Quartz
*always*. Ammannia does great under the Quartz always but is more orange
than if you grew the plant under PC's or FL's which give a more red
color(sometimes). Both lights produce intense growth.
I think as a general notion most color temp's will give a good color of red.
A mix of a white/yellow and a blue/white has done well. The warm reddish
light(I believe 3500-4000k or so) of Quartz does some neat things to plants.
MH's sometimes wash out colors.
My personal favorite is Power Compacts 6700K bulbs. They last a long time
(we've had them on reef tanks well over 2 years with good soft coral and
hard coral growth-these are more sensitive to light than plants are) I have
Rotala(indica and wallichii), Ludwigia (inciliata and acurata), Ammannia
(gracilus and senegalensis), Alteranthera reineckii and some Barclaya in
with these bulbs and all have had the reddest color I've ever seen in these
plants. The blueish bulbs do a better job but most will do good in a wide
spectrum and intensity of light.  

Overall, the 6000-7000k range seems good for plants for red color,
there are exceptions.
Just some observations.............
Tom Barr