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Re: Making friends with new water

I'm in Bryan also, and I can attest to the water measurments (except I
measured pH of 8.4-8.6).  What you didn't list (didn't test for?) was the
high phoshate content as well.  When I first started my tank, the
conbination of all those things provided for a wonderful algae tank, but
killed most of the plants I bought.  I was able to get it under control by
using 80% RO with 20% tap and supplementing the RO with Kent RO Right and
some Baking soda.  That brought my pH down to about 7.2, kept my hardness
up, and reduced the phosphates dramatically.  The tank is currently poorly
balanced, but not because of the water.  I had to pull a lot of plants
because they were so overgrown, so its recovering.