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Hi again all,

Thanks to everyone who replied to my last question (about furry1 and
furry2).  The BBA was spreading, so I took most of the plants with it (it
was mostly the chain swords) and gave them a bleach dip.  Did some pruning
and also removed the big Java Fern.  I added some new plants too, I know I
should have waited till I figure out the reason for the BBA, but the tank
was looking kinda bare so I added some Rotala Rotundifolia, Rotala wallichii
and a Alternanthera reineckii, all the plants look good except the A.
reineckii, leaves looks kinda curled up.

I also added some more pics on my website: www.icenter.net/~tvg/fishpics
I think I got a good picture of one of my SAE, go take a look-see.