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Re: Oceanic Vs Perfecto

Scott writes:

> Hello all,
>  I am planning to set up a planted paludarium.I think it will be a 90 gallon
>  cause I am sick of buying 36 inch lights for my 50.  I have all my 
>  questions answered from lurking on the list thanks to more people than I 
>  remember. I plan to build my stand from info off the Krib, Thanks Eric. One
>  thing that I have noticed when shopping around for tanks is that the 
>  tanks are the most expensive, but they are the brand carried by the higher
>  quality shop here in Columbus. Do you think the extra expense $60 or $70 is
>  warranted? I hope this is not to far off topic.
>  Thanks Scott

Well, FWIW, I got tired of the less than perfect workmanship of Perfecto 
products long ago.  Oceanic's tanks are made with more care, using slightly 
heavier glass.  Take a close look at the way the silicone is smppthed out in 
the corners.  Look at the edges of the glass to see the thicknesses.  The 
high-end shops carry Oceanic because they are trying to maintain a reputation 
for quality products.  

Bob Dixon
Cichlid Trader List Administrator