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Oceanic VS Perfecto


Oceanic tanks are indeed more expensive and I WAS always very fond of
them.  I bought a 135 that subsequently leaked around the top corner
(less than 3 months after set-up).  I called them (they have such a
"wonderful" warranty you know...) to get a replacement tank.   It was
not a tiny insignificant leak either, from the way it was leaking, I was
afraid the side would collapse and my frontosas were not looking real
pleased.   They informed me that I was either incompetent and had no
idea how to set up a tank (I had only been in the hobby for about 15
years at the time) or I was mistaken or I had set my filter output to
shoot OUT THE TOP CORNER and it wasn't a leak at all.  For my
information, 95% of their tanks did NOT leak.  I politely told him that
apparently 5% did and I was a member of the group.  I spend hours
setting up, with a level, to make sure everything is perfect and
everything was right on the money.  My husband even spent days dragging
concrete blocks etc under the house to make sure the floor was
supported.  You could park a car in this room!   The Oceanic rep. was a
COMPLETE JERK and said they would do nothing.  I have a brand new 135
replacement (my LFS replaced it) in my basement that has never even been
set up since I got it 2 1/2 years ago and I may never set up now and my
26 (or is it 29) gallon FBH Oceanic is for sale.  As long as you have no
intention of buying one of the dreaded 5%, you should be fine. (By the
way, my FBH has never had a problem) Heaven help you though if you have
problems.  For what it is worth, I had some problems with an Odell (are
they still around???) strip and they mailed me a brand new one no
questions asked and were absolutely wonderful.  More expensive doesn't
always mean better.  Keep in mind also, Oceanic bought out All-Glass I
think.  I have been oscillating for a couple of months now on whether to
buy the 94 gallon corner All-Glass for that reason!

Sorry for the tirade but you asked...

Good luck.