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RE: Angels eating plants

Olga wrote:

I have one Angel fish and he definitely eats plants. He especially likes
fine leaved ones like rotala wallichi and mayaca but he goes for new shoots
of hygro as well. The r. wallichi and mayaca (two of my favourite plants)
don't stand a chance. He strips them to a stem. He's been moved to a tank
with swords now. :)

If your fond of those Swords, don't add any more Angels.  If you would
happen to end up with a mated pair, they'll destroy the sword leaves by
cleaning them in preparation for spawning.  I've seen them clean leaves so
well, there wasn't enough leaf left to lay eggs on, then they started on

Bob Ashcraft
In rainy Pittsburgh, but look at the bright side, they say it might snow
tomorrow.... Geez, I need a vacation.