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>>I had an infestation of this same thing in my tank, I call it BBA for
>>brush algae. I read somewhere that BBA likes iron. I controlled it by
>>decreasing the PMDD dose, that I figure now was way above the reasonable
>>level for my tank. I was overdosing based on iron test kit readings that
>>were too low.
>Steve and Ivo,
>BBA definately does not like a decent CO2 level. With some SAEs and CO2
>added it should be easily controlled.
>in Vancouver
>I didn't mention, but the tank under BBA attack was (and still is) fed
>with plenty CO2. 30-60 ppm CO2 is what I usually get from pH and kH
>As for SAEs, the two youngsters I added at the time seemed completely
>to keep up with the infestation. IME they are good for keeping up a tank
>clean, but not as the main weapon against a bba bloom. Perhaps in larger
>numbers and sizes they turn out to be effective, but then what else would 
>we keep in the tank ? These fish get big...
>- -Ivo Busko
> Baltimore, MD

You really have to help the SAEs out here and remove as much of the BBA as
possible. Remove plant leaves invested with it and scrape it off and
vacuum it out. If you refrain from feeding the too thery shoul soon have
the outbreak under control. The little guys are good but you do need to
work with them. 

       Gerry Skau

       He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.
       -Oscar Wilde