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Re:Re:Red Plants

Tom Barr wrote:

>Your un ID'd plant is likely to be Altenanthera
>reineckii/sessilis.It's the
>easiest(relatively)nice red plant to grow IMO.
I looked up the pics of Altenanthera
reineckii/sessilis but I don't think it's the red
plant that I have in my tank. My red plant is totally
red in color, no green at all. Stems and leaves are
all red. I'm really curious what species does it
belong to.

>If it's not your lighting then it's your trace/macro
>elements then.Leaves falling off the
>bottom=macro/trace problem almost >always. Lack of
>redcolor is often thought of as a iron deficiency.
>Are you >adding anyfertilizers to the water or
>gravel? If your CO2/kh is good,light good, 
>...............trace/macro elements are all that's
>left besidesmaintenance
>and pruning.
Yea, I added in Jobe's fern and palm sticks last week.
I saw other plants started to grow fast. But nothing
happens to the red one yet. I don't want to add too
much fertilizer for now because I betetr try to
control algaes in my tank. I've added a little bit of
liquid iron too.

>Do a good water change and add some good fertilizer
>such as Tropica MasterGrow afterwards and watch what
>your plants do. Look into adding K2SO4and
>KNO3 perhaps and Mg etc...............
Yes, I do about 25% of water change every 3 days. I'm
going to use PMDD. I have Mg(Epsom Salt) and KN03(tree
stump remover) with me now. I still have to purcahse
the trace elements mix and K2S04. Can I add in Mg and
KN03 for now?

Thanks for the help,
Kean Huat


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