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>>I had an infestation of this same thing in my tank, I call it BBA for black
>>brush algae. I read somewhere that BBA likes iron. I controlled it by
>>decreasing the PMDD dose, that I figure now was way above the reasonable
>>level for my tank. I was overdosing based on iron test kit readings that
>>were too low.
>Steve and Ivo,
>BBA definately does not like a decent CO2 level. With some SAEs and CO2
>added it should be easily controlled.
>in Vancouver

I didn't mention, but the tank under BBA attack was (and still is) fed with
plenty CO2. 30-60 ppm CO2 is what I usually get from pH and kH measurements.
As for SAEs, the two youngsters I added at the time seemed completely unable
to keep up with the infestation. IME they are good for keeping up a tank
clean, but not as the main weapon against a bba bloom. Perhaps in larger
numbers and sizes they turn out to be effective, but then what else would 
we keep in the tank ? These fish get big...

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD