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Hair/Thread Algae control

> Rob Cartier wrote:
> I have a 90-gallon Discus tank that is starting to get a moderate growth
> of hair algae.The tank is 8 weeks old.  I might have aggrevated the
situation by
> adding some seachem iron flourish a few weeks ago when some of my plants
> yellowing.  The yellowing has stopped and I stopped using the floursh
about 2 
>  weeks ago.  I am feeding with Freez-dried Brine and Bloodworms with some
> bits mixed in.  I have been feeding a little heavier than I normally would
(3-4 times
> a day) since getting a few new juvenilles.

Excess iron (above .5ppm) can trigger hair algae.  A better guess is that
you've added phosphates to your tank with the increased feedings.  You might
check your phosphate and nitrate levels.  Tanks with measurable phosphates
and zero nitrates are nitrate-limited, and adding nitrate can stimulate
plants into sucking up the extra phosphates providing conditions are right
for accelerated growth (where CO2 and at least 2w/gal of light are present).
Be very careful.  Too much nitrate can cause algae problems too.

michael rubin 
mrubin at visa_com
1(650) 432-4685