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Re: Whiteish chain swords, PMDD source in Washington DC

>I had similar symptoms just after placing some Jobes plant sticks under my
>E. tenellus and some ailing micro-sags.  The new growth came in white, then
>melted within a few days.  The increase in nutrients had encouraged my
>plants' metabolism.  The result was the discovery of a difficiency of which
>I was previously unaware: it was Magnesium in my case.   The leaves are long
>and green now, and they no longer melt.
>- --------------------------------
>michael rubin 

I didn't say in my former posting, but my E. tenellus also melted completely
a few months before the whitening episode. This was right after being 
introduced in the (relatively new) tank, so I thought it was normal for this 
plant. i didn't do anything to fix the problem, and was amazed how quickly 
it recovered from the ashes.

>Or you can drive to Aquarium Center in Baltimore and find anything you need!
>Best Store in the MD/DC/VA are...hands down!

Been there, done that. Best plant store in the area. They don't carry 
PMDD products though. They sell several brands of commercial fertlizer.
Before getting Liquid Iron (sent by a pal in Indiana) I used to buy there
FloraSan, which is the closest thing I could find that matches the 
canonical PMDD ratios. It's very dilute, about a factor 8 when compared 
with canonical PMDD concentrations. I complemented it with the macro
chemicals and used it for a number of months with success.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD