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RE: redplants

>Hi! I have 2 watts per gallon of lighting.
>I have red ludwigia in my tank but it keeps dropping
>its leaves. My guess will be not enough lighting or
>lack of iron. But I'm not sure.
>I have the other red plant which lost its bright pink
>red color after putting in my tank. I can't identify
>its species. It has a long thin leaves and roots come
>out at the internode as the hygrophila. 
>Please help.
>Kean Huat

Hi Kean,assuming your other green plants are fine
It's not your lighting. You can grow nice red plants under these light
levels. A.reineckii/H.stricta cherry leaf/Red Cabomba/Rotala sp.. More light
wouldn't be bad though.......

Your un ID'd plant is likely to be Altenanthera reineckii/sessilis. It's the
nice red plant to grow IMO.

If it's not your lighting then it's your trace/macro elements then. Leaves
falling off the bottom=macro/trace problem almost always. Lack of red color
is often thought of as a iron deficiency. Are you adding any fertilizers to
the water or gravel? If your CO2/kh is good,light good, 
...............trace/macro elements are all that's left besides maintenance
and pruning.
Do a good water change and add some good fertilizer such as Tropica Master
Grow afterwards and watch what your plants do. Look into adding K2SO4 and
KNO3 perhaps and Mg etc...............
Search archives for info. Get some test kits (Fe,NO3,Ph etc.).
You'll find many articles and responses.
Tom Barr