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>Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 15:49:01 -0500
>From: Hoan Tran <hoanvt at operamail_com>
>Subject: Riccia
>What do you think Amano does to get riccia to grow all over the tank bottom? I 
>suppose that he ties it to large slates and lay them down at the bottom. Is 
>there any other techniques? I really like his reccia-filled tanks and want to 
>create the same image.
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You can find it right out of his book 1 and some of his other books. Tie
down with thin fishing line or a hairnets work too.....trim regularly, it
won't stay unless you take care of it.

There is a sinking form of Riccia but it's a nasty pest for many. It will
grow on the bottom, intangled in hairgrass etc without any roping. It's
darker and doesn't pearl like the other form does. Small flat rocks work
good for foreground set ups, a slight rounding with about 1-3 inch diameter
size work best. Again trimming regularly! It'll look bad if you don't. It's
worth the effort though...............and if you need to set up a nice tank
fast it's a great plant!

Try tying to long branches about 1-3 inches in diameter. This lets you trim
somewhat easier by allowing the branch to be closer to the surface than the
stones on the very bottom.
Tom Barr