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Re: CO2 Bubbles Per Minute?

C:\Rowland at eastendboy at earthlink_net wrote:

> I just installed a complete CO2 system and I've gotten to wondering just how
> many bubbles per minute is a 'good' amount.  Is there a generalized standard
> amount of bubbles that is recommended for a well planted tank?  I'd love to
> hear some pros and cons and see a good discussion on this subject which is
> one of the things that isn't talked about very much but which beginners like
> myself need advice on...
> Gonnosuke

The number of bubbles needed depends on too many variables for any standard
to exist, but a good general way to start is with one bubble per second.
That usually won't change things too rapidly or get out of control before
you can catch it. Watch your pH and KH and try to get the CO2 content
somewhere between 10 to 25 mg/per liter using the charts on the Krib


Typically, you'll want the pH around 6.8 to 7.0 and the KH around 3.0 to
6.0, but this will depend on your inhabitants.

FWIW, the CO2 content in my tank is a bit on the high side (25-30 mg/L) and
have not seen any ill effects since I've been using it.

Dan Dixon