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Hair/Thread Algae control

I have a 90-gallon Discus tank that is starting to get a moderate growth
of hair algae.The tank is 8 weeks old.  The bottom substrate is 1" think of
seachem flourite which
is covered with 2-3mm quartz. It is moderately planted with amazon sword and
stem plants. I have 160 watts of light . I might have aggrevated the situation by
some seachem iron flourish a few weeks ago when some of my plants were yellowing.

The yellowing has stopped and I stopped using the floursh about 2 weeks ago.
I am feeding with Freez-dried Brine and Bloodworms with some color bits mixed in.

Ph is ~6.5 I have been feeding a little heavier than I normally would (3-4 times
a day)
since getting a few new juvenilles.

Your suggestions would be appreciated.

Rob Cartier