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Re: Some Pictures and Question

Thanks for the reply,

>>I notice that your chain sword shows the same deficiency symptoms that
>>showed, whitish new leaves, so I'm not sure what you should do

I did have Jobes Sticks under them, maybe its the same thing that happen to
Michael Rubin.

>> Maybe the iron level in your tank is already low and not the culprit for
the BBA
>>bloom ? Is the BBA clearly taking over the tank or is it in a sort of
>>steady state regime ?

Yeah, it started to take the tank over. I think it started to get really bad
because I was overdosing Nitrates (my Seachem nitrate test kit was out of
wack, got replacement reagents today, I'll check it out tommorow). I also
got 8 SAE about a week and a half ago, but I think it was even too much for
them.  I just finished pulling them all out, cut most off the leaves out
that had BBA on it, and then gave it a quick bleach dip.

Thanks again