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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1356

> - -- The cave in Italy sounds apocryphal to me.
> I searched AltaVista for La Grotte de Cane, Grotte "carbon dioxide",
> Grotte "CO2", and +cave +"carbon dioxide" and found nothing. Not
> conclusive, but coupled with my back-of-the-envelope calculations, it
> makes me awfully suspicious.

ok. . .I pulled out the book in which I found this info about La Grotte de
Cane. . .its a book I had to read for my Chem course. . .the author is
Charles Houston, M.D. and it is called Going Higher:  Oxygen, Man, and
Mountains.  The book covers the history of the discovery of the atmosphere,
respiration, and circulation.  It tells what happens to the body when you go
to high altitudes, and when you are lacking oxygen.  In case you look this
book up, the information about La Grotte de Cane is found on page 24-25.
That is where I came up with that information bout the CO2 in the cave.