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>It was mentioned that a t-5 bulb puts
out more than a t-12.  Why is
>that?  I had thought that a larger bulb
would have more phosforescent
>(spelling?) material in it which would
produce more light.  I am
>interested in being corrected.  Thanks.

T5  normal output lamps put out less
light than a normal output T12 but most
T5 lamps are high output lamps and will
put out more light than the same length
normal output T12. The phosphors in the
T5 are also somewhat different than a
regular T12 lamps. T5's always seem to
employ rare earth phosphors which I
presume are relatively expensive but not
so much is required in such a small
diameter lamp. In Europe linear T5's 1
1/2 meters long have been available for
a number of years and the HO version
puts out a whopping 8000 lumens. The HO
T5's unlike VHO T12's  have long lamp
lives and are quite efficient; somewhere
around 80 lumens per watt.

Wayne Jones

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