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PMDD suplies

erdoz1 asked about PMDD supplies and where to find them.  The basic iron
trace mix acn be Ferti-Lome's Liquid Iron.  It is about half the
strength of the CSM refered to in the krib so I doubled the dose in the
batch.  The KNO3 can be bought as Tree Stump Remover.  Wal-Mart had the
Green Light brand.  The only problem I had was the KSO4.  It was pointed
out on this list that KCl can be substitted. This is just salt
substitute.  Look at the ingredients on them because some brands have
more than KCl in them.  I don't know what ssome of those
dimono-quadra-dodeca-1-carbonate-5-polyhydronium-3-sodiumlactose type
chemicals would do to the plants.  Yes I made that one up.  But one of
the brands had  longer chemical than that!
That is what I did and seems to be working.