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Re: PMDD source in Washington DC area??

| Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:45:18 -0400
| From: "M Firoozfar" <mfirooz at bellatlantic_net>
| Subject: PMDD source in Washington DC area??
| Does anyone know where in DC I could get the PMDD ingredients?  I'm
| especially interested in starting with a dosage of K2SO4 and then slowly
| adding the others.
| Thanks in advance.
| Mark.
| Bethesda, MD


I could not find anything reasonable in the DC/VA area so I ordered the PMDD
components from HomeGrown Hydroponics

I also ordered CaCO3 from Hatch at http://www.hach.com/ .  I actually ended
up calling them because I could not find what I need on their web page.  I
ordered part 120-14 113g CaCO3 $18.50.  They also have a 445g for ~$39.00.
I am sure their are chemical supply houses, and hydroponics and plant
nurseries that you go to and piece PMDD together but this was the easiest
method for me.

Or you can drive to Aquarium Center in Baltimore and find anything you need!
Best Store in the MD/DC/VA are...hands down!