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Re: Zebra Mussels

In a message dated 10/29/99 2:53:52 AM Central Daylight Time, 
Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com writes:

<<    Don't forget the positive effect they have had on the Great Lakes by
 cleaning up the water and allowing plants to become re-established. They
 have also been investigated as increasing the populations of walleye and
 perch by cleaning up their spawning beds. Everyone insists on heralding them
 as the poster child of how man is destroying everything even though the ship
 ballast introduction theory is just that.  >>

Well that can be argued, positive effects !!!!!. They have cleared up the 
water considerably. This has allowed the sun to penetrate deeper into the 
less murky water. We just had a Peel Water Tech. at one of our aquarium club 
meetings and it is interesting what effect clearer water has had on lake 
The mean summer temperature of the lake prior to 5 years ago never reached 
above 14 C. in the last 5 years the high has been 22 C.. This has created a 
warmer environment and has allowed the blooming of blue green algae. For 
close to 2 months in the year when they die off, the lake and surroundings 
smell, and also the drinking water has a stench comparable to a aquarium gone 
bad , with a taste to match. Supposedly thanks to the zebra mussels cleaning 
the water.
THe cooling down of the lake takes much longer also, I am not complaining 
because I like the warmer winters, but what is the overall effect of this ?
The costs of getting rid of this smell and taste is in the 10' s of millions. 
The cost of unclocking of the pipes due to Zebra Mussels is also in the 

I as a tax payer would rather be paying less tax not more, I want my water to 
taste OK and not stink.
Not to mention what the effect of these blue green algae growths have on 
water being used for water changes in our tanks. I had some funny stuff 
growing in mine this summer.

Zebra Mussels get rid of them, perferably not by flushing them.

Every one of your good points has a negative side to it also.