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about our fears re zebras

>Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 22:56:35 -0700
>From: "Matthew R. Sprague" <mspragu2 at twcny_rr.com>
>Subject: Zebra mussels
>    Just to put a few fears to rest..
>    7. They are dangerous because they are an invasive nuisance species.
>Which of the fish/plants/snails/etc. in the hobby are not?

Matt, your 7th point doesn't put fears to rest, it kind of makes it sound
like "ah, heck, they're not so bad." They are bad and not something to kid
around with. You may be a responsible person but someone else reading these
things may get the wrong idea.

I've spoken to other folks about other areas of "pest" contamination, such
as Purple Loosestrife, a plant pest, and been very disappointed with their
attitude. "Well, it's pretty and I don't give a damn." ...and this from an
aquatic plant professional. <sigh> Zebra mussels have been a sore point on
this list before. I'm sure you meant nothing bad with your quips and are
defending yourself as a person who knows there *is* a concern. It may have
been better to say something like: "You are all correct. Don't worry, I
know what I'm doing with these critters." :) BTW, it would be interesting
to know if they do survive and clog the filters up. Are your experiments
conducted with controlling them in mind?

in Vancouver where we do have Purple Loosestrife but no horrid zebra mussels.