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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1355

All the hype about zebra mussels is ridiculous. They are not going to take 
over an aquarium, even if they can reproduce in a closed environment 
(something that has yet to proven) they will still go the way of any over 
population of clams in an aquarium. They starve! The faster they reproduce 
the faster they will starve. since the man already lives in an area infested 
with the clams he doesn't need to worry about them getting loose and taking 
over the earth, raiding the refrigerator or crashing his hard drive. Due to 
the very limited amount of food available in an aquarium only a very small 
number of any filter feeders will live, when they have to compete with a 
mechanical filter they are doomed to a slow starvation. Yes, it would be 
wrong to ship any of these clams to a non-infected area but if they were as 
easily transferred as some would have us believe they would have already 
taken over the earth a long time ago. Most aquarium inhabitants are the 
scourge of the earth somewhere. Any plant or animal allowed to escape into 
the wild outside of it's natural habitat has the potential to overrun that 
ecosystem. there may be hope yet, in some area's some native fish have 
started to acquire a taste for zebra's. Let's be careful with all our plants 
and animals and adhere to the slogan "Once caught, once bought, never