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Cloudy Water

David has problems with cloudy water.


Everytime I hear somebody ask a question about cloudy water, I think green
water.  Only because I had the problem once before.  I asked around and
asked around, and I too described it to the people I questioned as cloudy
water.  Not knowing much at the time I never considered it to be green
water (because it wasn't green-only white and cloudy).  It was indeed green
water though.  If I remember correctly green water is a unicellular algae.
It consists of many single celled organisms floating around in the water.
It gives the water a cloudy appearance.  It is so small that a conventional
filter will not filter it out.  As I am no chemist I cannot get into the
cause of it, but I can offer advice on what I did to get rid of it.
Remember this is based upon if you do indeed have green water.  Anyway, I
purchased a Diatomagic Filter made by Whisper.  I mail ordered it from That
Pet Place (www.thatpetplace.com).  Cheaper there than Pet Warehouse.  It is
a filter that is not intended to have full-time use.  It has the capability
of filtering out single celled organisms.  Because of this, it clogs very
easily if used continuously.  Anyway, I hooked my new toy up and within
literally a few minutes the cloudy water in my 26 gallon tank became
crystal clear in front of my eyes.  	NO EXAGERRATION!   The funny thing is,
when I removed the filter for rinsing it had a greenish hue to it.  I have
never had cloudy water problems since.  The filter stays boxed up and I use
it from time to time to for polishing of the water when it becomes dirty
after I do major pruning or what have you in the tank.

Good Luck,

Mike G.