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Re: CO2 rich layer above water

I'm sorry, but I just could not stand it anymore.  The partial pressures law 
is a steady state equation  It take a finite amount of time to reach 
equilibrium.  So if you are constantly adding CO2 to the water, the air at 
the surface of the tank *will* have a higher concentration of CO2 that the 
ambient atmosphere.  If the CO2 injection rate is minimal, and the top of the 
tank is uncovered, the amount of excess CO2 at the surface will be 
insignificant.  But, if the top of the tank is covered (doesn't have to be 
tight, just drastically reduce the area of the boundary between the outside 
air and that trapped behind the cover), and then especially if the CO2 
injection rate is kind of high (that's a technical term :-), the air right 
above the tank will be far richer in CO2 than the air in the room -- because 
it cannot dissipate as fast as it is being added.

I feel better now.