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SHO-light recall

My LFS owner just told me about a recall affecting my Perfecto SHO-light, and 
gave me a copy of the letter.  It says that the layout of the wiring and/or 
possible excessive heating in some lights can create a shock or fire hazard, 
and to discontinue use immediately.  The affected lights are ones which were 
built in July '99 or before, and all 36" lights with two bulbs.  Perfecto 
will repair the lights for free.
I'm sure the repair is pretty straight-forward on all but the 36" lights.  
The letter says that the (double 55-watt bulb) 36" units will be replaced 
"with improved, single-bulb 36" configurations."  Since I bought the light 
for the combination of high output in small package and price, this didn't 
sound good.
I called Perfecto, and sure enough, the single bulb is the same one I now 
have two of.  When I explained to the woman on the phone why this was 
unacceptable to me, she said she would see if I could be shipped two of the 
new units in place of my old one.  When I wasn't thrilled with this either, 
she said Perfecto would send me a box to ship the light back in and issue me 
a check for my purchase price.
Just thought I'd let you know, since Perfecto can't reach all their customers.
Perfecto can be reached at 1-800-241-7485 from 9:00 to 5:00 EST on weekdays.