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RE: clams and zebras

>>Please don't get into shipping these things around the continent. They 
nuisance enough right where they are.
Sure, we may all be responsible here and not discard them in local 
but what about their microscopic offspring going down your drain? What if
some survive?<<

To my knowledge it is illegall  to ship zebra mussles anywhere in the USA. 
These are far different species from the clams sold commercially. Zebras 
cause havoc in the great lakes and anywhere else by attaching themselves in 
huge numbers to the bows of boats, docks, and anything else in their reach. 
The "pygmy" and "Golden clams" sold commercially are actually burrowers, 
(sp?), burying themselves almost immediately in the gravel where you will 
never see them, and you will never know when they die and really make a 
mess of your substrate. I think someone from this list warned me about this 
 when I brought up clams several months ago. It is an incredible mess...and 
the stench is absolutely horrible.

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