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Re: Increasing RO production.

Hi George,

This is the response that I recieved from the tech reps at SpectraPure:

'Thanks for sharing the idea. We have heard of several similar solutions,
including (After doing what you have done) returning the waste water to the
container to capture more of the BTU's.  The Purity will drop ever so
slightly, less than 1%.'

So I guess that tempuratures over 77 degrees (since this is the baseline)
will cause some degrade in the quality of the ro water output.  No respones
from Kent yet.

p.s. I was mistaken about the water purity of RO units, it is not 99%+ but
they remove over 98% of all ionic impurities and over 95% of organic

Victor Eng					Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
engfam at axion_net