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Cloudy water

David wrote:

> I changed about 50% of my water and I came home the same night to find a
> semi-cloudy tank.  I change around 20% of my water twice a week.
> No nitrite levels, no ammonia...7 PH.  Anyone see anything obvious cause
> stumped?  I have well water that doesn't have any chlorine so I usually
> treat it before it goes in with the fish.  I haven't had any problem.  In
> everything was going very well.  The new water was a little chilly, but
> that's about it.

It would be interesting to know whether your well water would do that in a
bucket.  Do you think the cloudy aspect has anything to do with your
aquarium at all, or is it something related solely to the source water?  If
it's aquarium related, do you think it might be algae (how's your phosphate

> The fish look good and so do the plants.  I don't know...what about you

My wife tells me I look fine too, thank you. ;-)