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Re: I'm probably insane but...

>Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:41:22 -0700
>From: "Matthew R. Sprague" <mspragu2 at twcny_rr.com>
>prompted me to try out what may be the craziest idea yet. I went down to
>river today and collected 2 dozen zebra mussels and tossed them into my 10

>     If anyone would like some let me know. We have them by the millions.

Please don't get into shipping these things around the continent. They are
nuisance enough right where they are.
Sure, we may all be responsible here and not discard them in local waterways
but what about their microscopic offspring going down your drain? What if
some survive?
Oh, you use your tank water on your lawn, not down the drain... What about
the birds that land on your wet lawn and then carry the larvae (correct
term?) on their wet feet to the waterways?

Same could be wondered about snails too I think - I like to use the tank
water on my house plants but I'm concerned about using it outside.