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Re: Fluorescent light quality

Richard J. Sexton wrote:

>I put a 2" Chroma 50 in there last week. What a difference. New
>leaves are comeing up twice as large. In other words a single 20W
>Chroma 50 is far, far beter than 2 20W screw in fluorescent
>incandescsnt replacements.

These screw-in fluorescents are designed to be very energy-efficient
with not much regard to other factors such as color rendering. I would 
guess the phosphor is basically the same as in a cool white fluorescent,
with a huge emission in the green and near to nothing at other
wavelengths. Hence the difference you observed. There are a few CF 
screw-ins which are claimed to deliver a fuller spectrum light akin 
to the C50, with high CRi as well. See for instance the Spiralux at 


with spectrum at http://www.jademountain.com/fullspectrumlt.html
I wonder how these would perform in a planted aquarium.

-Ivo Busko
 Baltimore, MD