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RE: Cloudy water

> I changed about 50% of my water and I came home the same night to find a 
> semi-cloudy tank.  I change around 20% of my water twice a week.  No
> nitrite 
> levels, no ammonia...7 PH.  
> David
	My guess would be a bacterial bloom.  When I change more than %25 of
the water at a time I get some cloudiness in the water.  It usually goes
away after a day or two.  I also noticed the same effect when I changed %20
of my water and removed most of my stem plants in favor of some crypts.

	It may also be a slight green water outbreak (but I doubt it).  Your
well water could have enough nutrients to trigger a bloom, albeit a very
slight one.  The low concentration of the algae spores make the water seem
cloudy instead of green.  I have noticed this phenomenon.

	Just my $0.02 - Chris