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Re: I'm probably insane but...


Not are you just insane you are a criminal!!  Didn't you know that it's
illegal to do things like this?  I would advise to get them out of the
tank ASAP.  A *single* zebra muscle can produce about a MILLION offspring
in ONE YEAR ALONG!  Is this something that you want in your tanks?  Also
if you send any specimen like plants to another tank you run the risk of
giving them zebra muscles as well.

another thing to, you can check the cnn archives but about 2-3 weeks ago
they reported zebra mussles harbord some nasty bacteria that is toxic.


From: "Matthew R. Sprague" <mspragu2 at twcny_rr.com>
Subject: I'm probably insane but...

    All this talk the past few days about freshwater clams and mussels
prompted me to try out what may be the craziest idea yet. I went down to
river today and collected 2 dozen zebra mussels and tossed them into my 10
gallon tank. At the moment they seem to be doing fine and are all open. I
will be taking some water samples the next few days to the lab and testing
refractive index, turbidity and color index. If anyone is interested in
results I will post them here on the list.
     If anyone would like some let me know. We have them by the millions.
Just let me know if you would prefer specimens from the outlet of sewage
treatment plant or the outlet from the cooling towers for the nuclear
reactors... Just kidding...