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RE: Clams!!

> Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 23:22:45 -0400
> From: Dwight <boukmn at mindspring_com>
> Subject: Clams!!
>Azgardens sells clams but a warning; I purchased mine from Azgardens but
they suffered HEAVY losses in transit.  Only one in five survived the trip
and long term only one in eight.  Then again, I'm in Florida; Azgardens is
in Arizona somewhere I gather.>>

For a few months I purchased clams from my florida wholesalers by the 
hundred. Only problem was for every 100 I bought, I only received about 20 
still alive. The survival rate of what I turned and shipped to my customers 
was even worse. I got tired of angry customers, and rotting clams polluting 
my tanks. I dont think there is a worse smell in this world..  My supplier 
gave me equal replacement shipments a couple of times, except that the 
majority of them were dead as well. I finally gave up.

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