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Hello to All-

Can anyone lay out the various ways (OTHER than tank neglect) that
nitrates build up?

Just bought a nitrate test kit.  

I used to test nitrate religiously, and after a year of only finding the
tiniest trace, I stopped worrying about it.  But after finally getting
inspired enough (or should that be "after months of agonizing over how
this is done, I finally figured it out... sorta"?) to make my own PMDD,
I decided to start testing again.  

Well.  It tested around 50ppm.   

I picked myself up off the floor, retrieved my eyebrows from the
ceiling, and got on line to ask the rest of you:  what are the ways that
nitrate builds up?  I change 30% weekly, and have less fish than when I
had only a trace of nitrate.  

And here I thought I was getting a grip on all this.

I just added DIY CO2. Does that in any way effect things?