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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1352

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>Why would this be silly. If there is a continuous supply of CO2, it
>may accumulate above the water surface even if part of it dissolves
>back into the water. The worrying thing is that CO2 is heavier than
>regular air. Hence, with a tightly fitting cover, there may be an
>oxygen-free, CO2 loaded layer above the water surface. If the cover
>does not fit tightly, this problem is less likely to arise because of
>air circulation.

Don't forget about the dissolved oxygen. If your tank is growing well 
you should have an excess of that plant waste product. At least 
during the lighted cycle. Also it would have to be a really tight 
lid. Throw a piece of down in the air and see if it falls straight 
down. It should if there are no air currents. Now just imagine a 
piece of down as small as a CO2 molecule.

Larry Jones
ljjones at students_wisc.edu

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