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Strange growth

I've got a 75g tank that is set up with it's first batch of plants,
and some nice river gravel and some driftwood I collected.  I had
all the gravel, wood, and plants in the tank for about a month now.

I just got the filter and heaters set up and  running last week.

Two days ago I noticed a strange white "fungus" on one piece of the
driftwood, and also on some of the plants next to the driftwood.

The driftwood was soaked for several weeks in a bleach solution,
then soaked for another week in a de-chlorinator solution.  The 
river gravel was all boiled before being used in the tank, and the
plants all came from my established 29g tank.

I added an Ich medication (Malachite and Formalin) to the water last
night, and this morning the "fungus" is gone.  

I'm hoping it stays gone, but I'm curious what it was and where it
came from.  It seems odd that it didn't show up until the wood was
in the tank for over a month.

I would have just thrown the piece of wood away, but it looks great,
and my Java moss is growing nicely to it.