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CO2 and Anabantoidea

A time ago (11.10.99) I posted this to alt. aguaria

I have never seen this discussed, but as commons as CO2 fertilization is, it
might be relevant to know if a well fitting cover glass and CO2
fertilization might cause labyrint fish or cats to suffocate (or not being

The intention was to get to know if _improperly_ injected CO2 - like too
much from an air stone _migh_ cause a too high concentration under a tight
fitting cover glass - for a while, at least, no matter the law of partial
pressure, the balance takes after all  a while to equalize. And some
Anabantoidea are _dependant_ on being able to take air (oxygen) from the
surface - for some it is not just an accessory breathing device that migh
help when times are rough.

ole.t at larsen_dk