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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1351

Hello Victor,

There is no question, that at higher temperature more water will go
through a membrane. The question is how will be the QUALITRY of that
water affected?

I would suspect, that the conductivity of the RO water produced at, say,
75 oF will be higher, i.e. less pure, than that produced at 45 oF. 

In other words, increasing the operating temperature, you increase
volume, but decrease purity. In some instances that might be an
acceptable alternative. However, if one is trying to produce as pure
water as possible, heating the system defeats the purpose.



> I just recieved this method on increasing RO water production from one of
> my marine aquarium lists:
> 'I came across a neat strategy for increasing the output of RO units, and I
> thought I'd pass it on. Tell me if you've heard this one before. Take a 5
> gallon bucket, fill it with warm water (or toss in a heater), and run about
> 50 feet of high pressure turbing from the spigot to the RO unit - coil the
> 50 ft. length into the bucket of warm water. Voila - a heat exchanger.
> Around here where the water is about 45 degrees at 80 psi, this trick
> tripled my output...'
> I guess this makes sense since most gpd rate on ro units are dependent on
> water tempurature, water pressure & the amount of solids in the water.
> SpectraPure rates their units using the following parameters 77 degree
> water, 60 psi and 500 TDS.  So I guess if you change any of these (temp &
> pressure up and tds down) water production will increase.  Just thought I'd
> share.
> Sincerely,
> Victor Eng                                      Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
> engfam at axion_net