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Re: Native plant IDs [US]

On Tue, 26 Oct 1999, Senthil Kumar wrote:

> Last week I was going along a stream in Colorado and collected two
> plants growing in that stream. I thought that one of them was Cabomba,
> but on further looking after reaching home it was evident that it was not.
> Another one, I have no idea. Both of them seem to be growing well in my
> tank. Both are stem plants.
> What do pple do when they want to id unknown plants? I tried looking
> up in www.tropica.dk but had no luck.
> For the curious, I collected these plants from the stream running by
> the Hornbek Homestead which is by Florissant in Colorado. The cabomba
> like plant grows in the stream in the millions.

Sometimes if you can post a detailed description you can get a general ID
from friendly folks on this list.  Without a description noone can help.
You can also go to a library and look for one of several books that might
cover the area.  Look for "Aquatic Plants of the US" and similar titles.

Your plant that looks a little like Cabomba, but isn't may be a
Myriophyllum sp..  There are several native Myriophyllums.

Roger Miller