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lighting reflectors (aqua mirror/AH supply)

>Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1999 13:45:45 -0400
>From: "Christopher Ferrell" <csferrel at nortelnetworks_com>
>Subject: RE: lighting reflectors (aqua mirror/AH supply)
>> ------------------------------
>> Does anyone have experience using any products that are meant to increase 
>> output of a flourescent? That Fish Place has Coralife/Energy Savers "Aqua 
>> Mirror" polished anodized aluminum, which looks about the same angular
>> shape 
>> as a flourescent strip. This shape, A H Supply claims on their web site 
>> (http://www.ahsupply.com/36,40,or.htm) actually causes light to be
>> reflected 
>> back onto the bulb (restrike). Of what use would better reflecting
>> material 
>> be if it reflects back on the bulb? 

Nope, it deosn't make any sense to reflect light back onto/into/on the bulb. 
It just lost. Only UV light causes luminofor to produce visible light. If
visible photon hits luminofor it can only produce more-red, lower energy
photon (or even IR). If I remeber correctly this is Stocks law. That's why
no blue fluorescent paint exist. 
In general, about 50-60% of light is lost when it hits the bulb. It only
causes bulb to heat and, therefore, its efficiency drops.

The one of the best reflector shape is similar McDonalds "M" where bulb is
placed near middle of "M". Light from bulb is reflected from mirror and
"goes around" the bulb.

>> ------------------------------
>	I use 2 aqua mirrors over my 55 gallon tank.  Each "mirror" has 2
>t-8s.  I was running 3 t-8s in one mirror and upgraded to the 2 mirror/4
>bulb set-up just recently.  I felt like the 2 bulbs/mirror would be more
>efficent than all four lights in a single mirror.  The aqua mirror is made

yeap, one bulb in one mirro is relatively mor efficient than two bulbs. And
T5 bulb is more efficient than T8 (which better than T12)

>of two pieces of highly-polished aluminum that are screwed together in the
>middle.  It can be adjusted from about 5" wide to about 12" wide (up to 4
>t-12s or 5 t-8s, albeit a very tight fit).  Something to think about if you
>are planning on adding more lights (or taking some out) in the future.
>	I just ordered a light set-up from ah supply.  I can update everyone
>on how it works in a week or so.  (comparison)

I ordered a lighting kit. Their price is very low comparing to other
aquarium suppleir. So far I got more light from 2 55W bulb than I had befor
from 120W total of fluorescent T12. At distance 10" (approx) my luxmeter
gave me around 2000 Fc (about 20000 Lx) before and 3800 Fc now. Of course,
it's not a true comparasing, because all T12 were Agro-Lite/Gro-Lux type
bulbs which have low lumen output (because they lack green light) and new
lights are 5400K. But, now I have plant bubbling after 20 min, insteead few
hours before. And plants grow like weed

SO far, I found two problems only:
1) my fishes are scared to death by new lamps. They don't swimm in open
space. I'm gonna buy something like hornwort to create more shadows
2) I see now all dirt/poop/etc that wasn't seen before.

Last one.

AH supply ballast doesn't have UL mark......so.....it doesn't comply to
safety standard (or they didn't get certification it yet). I'm gonna call
about this

Mike, who design weird optics around weird lamps

>	What I really liked about both set-ups is that they are easy to
>install, they work well and they are fairly inexpensive for what you get.
>	Chris