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Re: CO2 blanket

the notion that co2 escapes from the water and then "loads" the air 
above for a significant period of time is silly. if that were the case,
then by the law of partial pressures, recently elucidated on this list,
part of it would dissolve back into the water and the tank co2 level
would be higher than ambient room air.

tsuh yang's point that some fish are better able to cope with oxygen
deficient water than others is a valid one. rheophillic, oxygen-loving
fish should be contraindicated for still, co2 injected tanks.


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>>anabantoids are better able to survive in oxygen-poor water than other fish
>>due to specialized air-breathing organs ("labyrinth organ").
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> The point of the original message was related to the *air* above the water
> surface that anabantoids breathe when they go to the surface. If that
> air is loaded with CO2 aren't they going to sufocate ? IME no.
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