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Re: Flourite???

Effective as in more anarobic.  Also a top layer of sand I have found
helps keep all the stuff settled down.


On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Greg Morin wrote:

>>I use a 100% florite substrate in my 2.5g planted tank.  I found that this
>>works more effective with a layer of sand over top.  Not sure what makes
>>this combination effective perhaps it's the sand keeping nutrients in the
>>substrate??  Dr. Morin from seachem maybe able to help on this issue.
>I'm not sure in what way you mean it is "more effective"... Could 
>just be a coincidence as well... there are so many variables it can 
>be difficult to pin it down to one specific change, especially if 
>these are two different tanks you are comparing.
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