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RE: lighting reflectors (aqua mirror/AH supply)

> ------------------------------
> Does anyone have experience using any products that are meant to increase 
> output of a flourescent? That Fish Place has Coralife/Energy Savers "Aqua 
> Mirror" polished anodized aluminum, which looks about the same angular
> shape 
> as a flourescent strip. This shape, A H Supply claims on their web site 
> (http://www.ahsupply.com/36,40,or.htm) actually causes light to be
> reflected 
> back onto the bulb (restrike). Of what use would better reflecting
> material 
> be if it reflects back on the bulb? 
> ------------------------------
	I use 2 aqua mirrors over my 55 gallon tank.  Each "mirror" has 2
t-8s.  I was running 3 t-8s in one mirror and upgraded to the 2 mirror/4
bulb set-up just recently.  I felt like the 2 bulbs/mirror would be more
efficent than all four lights in a single mirror.  The aqua mirror is made
of two pieces of highly-polished aluminum that are screwed together in the
middle.  It can be adjusted from about 5" wide to about 12" wide (up to 4
t-12s or 5 t-8s, albeit a very tight fit).  Something to think about if you
are planning on adding more lights (or taking some out) in the future.

	I just ordered a light set-up from ah supply.  I can update everyone
on how it works in a week or so.  (comparison)

	What I really liked about both set-ups is that they are easy to
install, they work well and they are fairly inexpensive for what you get.