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Re: clams

On Mon, 25 Oct 1999, Ivan wrote:

> D.Chang wrote:
> > Try using freshwater clams or MTS they turn the substrate well. I know
> > just what you mean. I'm into sand myself its greatest for ground covers
> > like glosso. I recommend small clams for those who don't want to chance
> > dosing and hate to rip up your substrates to inject clay balls,
> > especially through a thick glosso mat.


> Ooops!  anyway here is my question.  Where do you find these clams?  We
> used to dig clams out of the creeks in Nebraska as a kid.  Are theese
> the ones to which you are refering?  They seemed big at about four to
> fov inches in diameter.  How would you prevent them from bringing
> diseases into the tank?

If your local aquarium shops don't sell clams, then try Arizona Aquatic

I've had clams most of the time over the last few years, and I really
wouldn't advise them for stirring the substrate in a planted tank.  If you
have many plants and your plants are at all well established in the
substrate then they probably won't be able to move very far through the
root mass. Mine usually found a place where they could dig in, then stayed
there. Trumpet snails are smaller so seem to be less troubled by the

On the other hand, clams are great little filters.  They give a whole new
spin on "biological filtration".

Roger Miller