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Reflective inserts for flourescent strips

Does anyone have experience using any products that are meant to increase 
output of a flourescent? That Fish Place has Coralife/Energy Savers "Aqua 
Mirror" polished anodized aluminum, which looks about the same angular shape 
as a flourescent strip. This shape, A H Supply claims on their web site 
(http://www.ahsupply.com/36,40,or.htm) actually causes light to be reflected 
back onto the bulb (restrike). Of what use would better reflecting material 
be if it reflects back on the bulb? And it appears that also depends on the 
bulb's distance from the housing material. That Fish Place also sells 
Aquarium Products "Triton Brite Lites" which I believe is made to fit close 
or on the lamp, and the "Triton Enhancer", which looks about the same as the 
Aqua Mirror. Arizona Gardens sells Bioplast Aluminum Clip-On Reflectors, 
which they describe as "Light Enhancers for fluorescent tubes, offer 50% more 
light intensity, concave shape that clips on the fluorescent tube". 

Thanks for any info . . .