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Re:CO2 and anabantoids, & airline tubing

At 03:48 PM 10/24/99 -0400, you wrote:
>From: "Jan Fidrmuc" <fidrmuc at united_econ.uni-bonn.de>
>I wonder if anyone has been using CO2 injection in tanks with 
>anabantoids (labyrinth fishes such as bettas). As some CO2 dissipated 
>out of the water,  the anabantoids may be unable to breeth. CO2 is 
>heavier than O2, and hence it may accumulate on the water surface, 
>especially with a tight top cover. 
>I've been thinking about reintroducing DIY CO2 in my tanks, but since 
>I keep anabantoids, I'm not quite sure whether it is safe. 

I have only ever used the DIY CO2 using yeast, sugar, and water in a
plastic bottle, but for several years I had it in a 20 gal. long tank with
only dwarf gouramis, pygmy croaking gouramis, and the like. I have also
used it in a 29 gal. species tank with pearl gouramis, all with no ill
effects. The tanks had plastic hoods with areas open in the back for
airline tubing and heaters & whatnot. For some reason, the only anabantoids
I've ever had run away from home have been bettas.

My CO2 may not have been very efficient, though, because I was using
regular air tubing. I recently saw an advertisement for a special air
tubing for CO2 injection, that said that normal airline tubing lets as much
as 25% of the CO2 escape. Is that accurate? I had not heard of that before.
It seems to be getting a reasonable amount into my new plant tank (plants
perked up immediately, pH dropped somewhat from the previous off the scale
reading to 7.8)

Just another data point,
in Bryan, Texas